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About Us
Aeko Consulting AEKO Consulting is a solutions integration firm specializing in the development, implementation, and maintenance of secure communications and information infrastructure. The firm has been based in the San Francisco Bay Area since its inception in 1994.

Our goal is to enhance clients? productivity and ultimately maximize return on technology investments. This focus is truly embodied in our name, AEKO (Associates using Education to impart Knowledge and achieve Optimization.)

Solutions integration combines the attributes of traditional management consulting with systems integration. Also, a unique feature of our approach is that we recognize that technology is an enabler and should therefore be utilized as a tool for achieving business objectives. Our solutions are thus integrated with the underlying business processes.

They are, however, flexible and scalable to accommodate changes in the business environment and limitation of resources which might necessitate incremental funding.

All these are achieved by furnishing the expertise and tools needed for each challenge. Component services include process design or reengineering, capacity planning, performance and security audits, and project and program management