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Services :: Connectivity
Services - Connectivity Voice networks
Deployment of Voice, Video and Data converged networks that conform to the Cisco AVVID architecture. Merging the separate networks into one reduces the cost of managing and administering the separate Voice, Video and Data networks.

Wireless networks
Wireless solutions afford our clients network access to their remote facilities where other means of communications are not available or desired. We design solutions that are compatible with the specific communication goals of our clients. These include internal and remote Wireless solutions that are compatible with the industry's 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11ab and 802.11g specifications. By working with our Wireless partners, we deploy solutions built around the 802.11ab standard that are downward compatible with the 802.11b standard. This extends the life cycle of any installed wireless infrastructure. We also utilize wireless network technology as supplementary technology for wired Local Area Networks (LANs) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs).

Network Consultancy services
We implement Network policy reviews, security audits, bandwidth analysis, and event monitoring for our clients. Our audits and recommendations are structured to conform to ISO 17799 standard.

High Availability Solutions / Storage
Our paradigm for deploying high availability solutions is to first understand the client's availability needs and tolerance for service disruptions. Then we would deploy scalable solutions that meet the client's requirements for mitigating against interruptions to business activities and critical business processes. Our solutions include Database and Email server clustering, server load balancing, Backup and Restore operations, high availability Storage Area Network design and optimization, Storage Virtualization, Synchronous Remote Data Facility failovers, among others.

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