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Services - Security Perimeter defenses and application security
Our team of Network Security Experts provides our clients with services that help establish and maintain a good perimeter defense on their private networks. Our non-vendor-centric approach helps deliver solutions that are tailored to each client?s security concerns.
The team has a complete knowledge of the widely used perimeter defense appliances (Firewalls) such as Cisco PIX firewalls, NetScreen firewalls, Squid etc. It also helps enhance application security using the Single Sign-On capability, and certificate services for authentication and data encryption, among other technologies.

Network vulnerability assessment
Our network security experts provide our clients with on-going security assessment and monitoring services. They also utilize state-of-the-art vulnerability assessment tools to perform penetration testing. Network vulnerabilities are continuously evaluated and when discovered are eliminated and the threats removed. AEKO Consulting also employs Intrusion Detection and Prevention techniques using Cisco's IDS 4200 Series appliance sensors and Cisco IDS Host Sensors to detect and deter most forms of external aggression to the networks and servers respectively.

VPN Services
We offer VPN connectivity services to our clients that require secure forms of remote access to their corporate networks. Either connecting branch offices to the home office (Site-to-Site VPN) or enabling remote and telecommuters to access resources in the branch or main office (Remote Access VPN), our solutions are provided and tailored to meet each client?s corporate requirements. Our cost-effective, secure solutions range from using certificates and advanced Biometrics for authentication to integrating RSA's two-factor authentication mechanism for delivering efficient and impregnable access to corporate data and resources.

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