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AEKO Communications AEKO Communications Nigeria Limited, is a telecommunications service company in Nigeria that provides turnkey solutions to customers by offering complete systems engineering and network design for wireless networks. We also provide effective online and mobile solutions for the challenges of corporate information sharing.

AEKO Communications is a privately held, limited company based in Nigeria. With affiliates in the U.S.and offices in Lagos and Port-Harcourt in Nigeria, we are geared to offer you the level of personalized service, sales, and support you have grown to expect. An office in Abuja is anticipated to open soon.

We provide the expertise and products necessary to design, supply, commission and service:
-- Wireless networks
-- Voice and data systems
-- Base stations
-- Mobiles and portables

AEKO Communication's mission is to be the leading wireless Systems Company in Nigeria.
Our success is driven by an uncompromising commitment to:

? Superior Customer Satisfaction
A company-wide attitude that recognizes that customer satisfaction is everything.

? An Associate-Oriented Environment
An acknowledgement that our associates are our most valuable resources. We are committed to fostering an environment where recognition, innovation, communication and the entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged and rewarded.

? Industry Leading Value, Selection and Services
A pledge to offer only the highest-quality merchandise available at everyday low prices, providing customers with an outstanding balance of value, selection and services.

? Ethical Business Conduct
A responsibility to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty and integrity.

This is truly embodied in our name AEKO (Associates using Education to impart Knowledge and achieve Optimization). The fact that we view ourselves as associates of our clients underscores our focus on establishing long-term relationships with them. The desired results are therefore achieved through collaboration and application of proven and appropriate technology.

AEKO Communications with it?s team of highly experienced personnel with good credentials whose exposures cover both the private and the public sectors with the former spanning computer software and hardware, oil exploration, telecommunications and the banking industry. We hope to provide services to help our customers achieve improved productivity.

As part of our efforts to pioneer technological services in Nigeria, AEKO Communications recently introduced Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), wireless Internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) terminal. Some of our specialized services include the installation of high performance, low cost, radio (UHF and VHF).

Without a wireless alternative, organizations frequently resort to wide area networking (WAN) technologies to link together separate LANs. Contracting with local telephone provider for leased line presents a variety of drawbacks. Installation is typically expensive and rarely immediate. Monthly fees are often quite high for bandwidth that by LAN standards is very low. AEKO Communications wireless local area networking (ACWLAN) service provides a wireless bridge that can be purchased and then installed in an afternoon for a cost that is often comparable to a T1 installation charge alone. Once the investment is made, there are no recurring charges. And our wireless bridges provide the bandwidth one would expect from a technology rooted in data, rather than voice, communications.

AEKO Communications
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Phone: (510) 763-AEKO
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