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Services :: Web Applications - Development

Service - Web Applications AEKO developers pride themselves on being both analysts and developers. They will pose the right questions and truly analyze the client's business processes. Once these processes are understood, our developers will translate the information to database tables, relationships and processes that automate these activities. From there, the developers will program the system in the appropriate language, making sure that the expected processes execute and unexpected exceptions are handled.

Our developers also bring their application experience to the Web and combine it with the latest tool to build Web-based applications that allow you to update your own site through content management tools. AEKO capabilities include developing Internet Web and E-commerce sites as well as secure intranets and extranets.
Post-project support and quality are very important at AEKO. Due to our desire for long-term relationships with our clients, the original team would be available for post-implementation.

In addition to building websites, AEKO also provides hosting services through partners. This allows around the clock support and faster maintenance. AEKO has developed several hosting plans dependent on site sophistication and traffic

Services :: Web Applications - Design

Service - Web Applications AEKO Consulting's graphic designers offer expertise in creative concepting and usability interface design. We will work closely with you to ensure that your Web site meets your objectives, reaches your target audience and matches your existing brand. While many firms and agencies provide Web design services, our designers posess industry- leading graphical skills.

We strongly believe that the client's objective should drive the design of the site. Hence, the design phase of project begins with an in-depth interviewing process, in which our project manager and graphic designer will seek detailed information about the intended purpose of your site, the graphic tone to be conveyed, demographic information of the target audience, and a variety of other relevant information. We will spend a great deal of time getting to know the client and the Brand. Then we will procure samples of existing marketing materials and any other Brand information. If none exists, we would work with you to develop one, based on the initial information you shared with us.
The goal of the graphic design team is to create a unique design but keep the interface highly functional and intuitive for all levels of users. We design all sites for the quickest load-time possible, as well as cross-platform and browser compatibility. We recognize that even the best graphics designs would not provide a worthwhile experience for the user if they are confusing and non-intuitive. Your site?s functionality and ease of use are our primary goals.

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